Wednesday, August 20, 2014

{Up, Up, and Away!} fun with Prepositions Pack

AND A SALE! YES! TpT is having a BOOST sale today and I LOVE that! I wasn't back to school yet for the last sale, but I just went back yesterday so I'm much more in the {BTS} mode now.

Too whomever made this button, thank you! It's adorable!

I'm also excited that I was able to complete a new product before the sale! Wahoo! I've had this one on my list for a while now. Following the same format/activities as my {Action Action!} fun with Verbs pack, I've put together activities to help students practice understanding different prepositions.

This pack includes the same three activities as the verb pack, but, obviously, with prepositions!

1. {Find the Preposition!} Book: Print pages 3-10 and cut along the dotted line. Laminate pages and bind together with binding machine. This will allow you to create an easy book for assessment. Go through each page with a student. When they correctly identify a preposition, make a mark in the square. After going through the whole book, record your data.

2. {Missing Preposition} Book: Print pages  11-26 for this activity. Page 11 is the book cover and page 26 has the images for the preposition choices. Print 2 copies of page 26 so you have enough options for the pages. Laminate all pieces and book pages. Use Velcro to attach three images to each page, making sure at least one is the correct answer. Student finishes the sentence at the bottom of the page by selecting the correct preposition picture. 

3. {Matching Preposition}: Print and laminate the picture choices on pages 27-42. Cut the board pages in half if you’d like. Laminate these too. Use Velcro to have students find the three correct pictures for each preposition. 

4. There is also a data sheet included with 14 different prepositions. You can track a students ability to identify each preposition correctly on up to 12 trials.
This item is for sale in my store today for up to 28% off with code "BOOST"!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Special Education Giveaway!

Did we mention how much we love special educators??! 
Well just to show you how much, 24 of us have joined together to help you start your new year out with a BOOM! 
We are beyond excited and even more excited for you! Ok, maybe even just a wee bit jealous! :)
These 24 awesome special educators, including me, have put together 5 fabulous giveaways and a freebie hop with over 20 freebies just for you!! 

Shall we get this party going!!? 
Are you ready?
The first 3 giveaways are split into 3 categories; early childhood, primary, and intermediate! So be sure to enter the one for your grade level! You can click on any of the pictures to view the product in their store or to wishlist it in case you don't win!!{wink}
Here's a look at everything one teacher will win in the Early Childhood Pack!

Here's a look at everything one teacher will win in the Primary Pack!

Seriously!!!!?? Are you feeling the Love?!
Here's a look at everything one teacher will win in the Intermediate Pack! As you know, it can be a challenge finding resources on TpT for this level, but we did manage to put a few things together that we think you'll love!

a Rafflecopter giveaway But wait! There's MORE! David at "Attainment Company" was generous enough to give two lucky teachers a copy of this e-Book for their iPad. (This e-Book is compatible ONLY for iPad, so if you do not have an iPad do not enter!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway How many of you have seen this book, or are even using it in your classroom to assess and determine presents levels?? Brigance CIBS

Last year a new and improved updated version was released...... Brigance CIBS II
and we're super excited that Robin at "Curriculum Associates" has generously donated it for us to give to one of you!! Folks, this is a $339.00 value!! Now this one definitely makes us just a wee bit jealous!  (Our apologies, but this one is for U.S. residents only) a Rafflecopter giveaway And now it's time for a............... FREEBIE HOP!
Now it's time for your freebie! I've put together this Confidential Data Board that I will be using in my classroom this year, and thought maybe you could too!
Click the photo to go to my TpT store and download. You can read more about how I am setting this up in my classroom there, too!